Hi, I'm writing this in English, since I don't understand your language. Sorry for that.

You may have noticed that my bot User:Weas-El-Bot added interlanguage links to lots of pages recently. I'd like to request a "bot flag" for him. This will hide his edits from the list of recent changes. But you'll still be able to check them if you click the "show bots" button in the recent changes list.

What's the benefit? The list of recent changes will be free from minor bot edits, so it will be easier to follow the more important changes done by users.

The bot works reliably and has over 5000 edits yet.

I need the community's approval to request a bot flag, so please tell me whether you agree with this or not. Thank you.

Regards, --Weas-El  12:54 10 ago 2011 (UTC)

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